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Lead Guitar/Vocals

Neal McJunkin

Neal McJunkin was born in Greenwood, SC. His father, Walt McJunkin, was a professional baseball player/manager in The Coastal Plains League before moving to Liberty, SC. He supported his family working in the local textile mill and playing mill league baseball.

Neal and his two brothers developed a strong interest in music at a young age, with the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, as well as country artists such as Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash as influences. 

After The Alabama Band left for Nashville, Neal became part of the legendary band Slewfoot which then began to perform for several seasons at The Bowery Bar in Myrtle Beach.

Since the disbandment of Slewfoot, Neal has toured extensively, performing with different bands from all over the world, including a trip to Japan in the early 90’s. He released two solo albums, “Diamond Dust” and “The Long Way Home”.

Ultimately, a business opportunity led him to own The Manor, a local Greenville nightclub. After selling his business, Neal took some time off before being offered a job playing in a cruise ship band, where he had the opportunity to travel to Europe and the Caribbean.

Since 2016, Neal has been thrilling audiences with his strong vocal skills and lead guitar skills with The Hot Notes.

Listen to Neal’s interview on Backstage With Chris Lee

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